Using the transformative and transportational qualities of installation, performance, costume and sound, and the way these elements can grow and be inspired by each other, I create environments in which costumed performances are able to take place. These environments are built using traditional stagecraft, video projection, painting, and drawing. From within these performative environments, I develop a cast of costumed characters that emerge from a swampy, neo-primordial Floridian landscape, inspired by the current state of my home and the onslaught of Hurricanes that are forcing Floridians to adapt to change. My costumes reflect this adaptation by incorporating elements of growth, color change, sprouting, and envelopment.

Whether a film set, an immersive video installation, a wall painting, or especially while wearing one of my costumes, viewers are fully encompassed by my work. My costumed pieces physically envelop the body, covering the head, while still allowing the performer full range of movement. I am thrilled by the limitation of covering the head so that the performer’s identity is hidden, so that a floppy and organic set of movements emerges from the performer’s liberation from identification. My penchant for video installation mirrors this encompassment as well, as I install multiple channel videos on multiple walls to create a moving sense of otherworldliness.

I value a sense of levity in my work; transformation through envelopment is a very freeing space as a viewer and as a performer, so I try to keep a sense of play in my installation work and my costume making. The act of performing with a group in which the performers are all experimenting freely is a wonderfully childlike environment, and that is what I would like to instill in the viewer.